All girls must wear a tin of Vaseline (or something similar) in your pocket

With all the fun of the holiday season easily blow to your normal health and beauty routine to take the time – eat, drink and be merry in general (between long periods of idleness and mandatory family games). And that’s great! We recommend that you right into the swing of things at Christmas and New Year – go ahead and enjoy themselves, but to the holiday madness with his good looks still intact, survive, take a few tips from us at The Spa!. We always have some basic beauty tricks up his sleeve – for that time just in case – and we are happy to share with you. How times have you heard, or well, there’s a reason. Water hydrates, detoxifies and regenerates every part of you. Water not only (deep breath …) acts as an appetite, relieves headaches and body aches, helps your brain function clearly, regulates body temperature, prevents cramps and joint sprains, aids digestion, increases metabolism, improves the immune system, relieves fatigue and flushes toxins out of her body … (Phew!) also fills skin tissue, moisturizes and improves the elasticity of the skin and makes the skin young and fresh. In other words, water – makes you beautiful – clear water, easily accessible. So make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water per day – more if you drink alcohol and eating fatty foods – and every part of your body will thank you.

All girls must wear a tin of Vaseline (or something similar) in your pocket. Vaseline substance has a good number of applications. A good balsamic can prevent chapped lips, add lip gloss, smooth and shape the eyebrows, or even moisturize lashes before curling. It can be used to remove your lips peeling, stains from red wine and dark lipstick, rub it on chapped skin to soothe and relieve dry, use an eye makeup remover gentle shave balm, repair split ends … and the list goes on and on! Readily available in almost every store imaginable and costs almost nothing, his small tin Vaseline is your best friend in times of need. It’s not always practical, a toothbrush, toothpaste, thread bear tooth and mouth water, but there is another way to refresh your mouth after you’ve had enough of finger food: Take a sprig of parsley or lemon slice on the plate and have to chew. Parsley (for garnish usually over on a plate on the left) is a natural breath deodorizer helps lemon acts as a natural mint acid kill bacteria in the mouth. If the idea of Sucking makes a lemon tart you squirm, some press in a clean glass of water for a refreshing drink range.

Drunk after a great night out, tired eyes can really suffer. Grab some cotton balls, run them under cold water, squeeze, drain, and then place them on your eyes for 10 minutes or so. The freshness of the blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and again the sparkling eyes improved. If you are the type of benefit plan, put cotton balls soaked in the freezer in a small wax paper overnight for best results. It’s also a good excuse to buy a cheeky gift 40 winks. A long day, painfully up and down Main Street, you can leave your feet in a bad way. When you get home, use a combination of hot compresses and cold, tired and relieve swollen feet. First, soak your feet in a tub of warm water and sea salt for 10 minutes, then alternately soaked in cold water for 10 minutes, and repeat. The hot water relieves pain cold water while reducing swelling. When you’re done, put your feet up, to drain accumulated fluid. After massage stimulates circulation and apply lotion leaving it soft and fresh as a daisy.

His hands also need special care in this time of year. Keep gloves in the cold covered some simple hand exercises to relax occasionally and improve blood flow, and remember to use a moisturizer after washing, refilling hand, to prevent the skin from drying out is premature cracking and aging. Keep some hand cream in your purse and another by sinks of all home and his hands are always in good condition. If you are outside the lotion that has fortunately Vaseline on your pocket, it will also do the trick.