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Blenheim Physiotherapy

Blenheim, MBH, New Zealand

Phone: 03-5788802
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Welcome to Blenheim Physiotherapy – an ACC Endorsed Provider clinic. You will be treated professionally by our team for a wide variety of conditions, including back and neck pain and injuries.

We provide the following services:
Sports Physiotherapy: Injury management/prevention, training programs, Muscle Balance assessments
Occupational Physiotherapy:Work related injuries, including workplace assessments, to help patients to return to work as quickly as possible
Back & Neck care:Using mainly McKenzie or Mulligan techniques, combined with strength/propriocepsis exercises to promote self- management and hands-on techniques in all stages, especially the acute stage
Pre & Post-surgical Physiotherapy:Regain strength, movement, balance, stability and correct movement patterns.  For example after hip/knee joint replacement or shoulder surgery
Home & Rest-home visits: For all injuries/conditions,including staff/family training on Safe Resident Handling and how to help with patient management
ACC Activity Based Program provider:
Prior ACC approval is required for this service
Gym/pool/fitness programs to get patients back to work/rely less on home-help. These programs are now called: ‘Physical Fitness for Work and Independence’ and ‘Functional Reactivation Program’ (for pain patients)
Serious Injury treatment:e.g. Head injuries, Spinal lesions, multiple trauma: as part of a multi-disciplinary team
Pediatric Physiotherapy:
All aspects of Pediatric Physiotherapy
Treatment of musculoskeletal and pain problems
Lymphoedema Treatment:
Treatment of swelling in limbs after cancer or surgery
Manipulative Therapy:
Acute thoracic and lumbar pain, specific joint mobilisation when active / passive exercise is not enough to restore full mobility
Clinical Pilates:Pilates specifically designed for people with injuries
Pain Management:
Prior ACC approval is required for this service
10 week ‘Progressive Goal Attainment’ program to improve quality of life
Respiratory Physiotherapy:Teaching correct breathing technique and how to clear the chest using postural drainage/huffing

Blenheim Physiotherapy is an accredited practice with HPSNZ and ACC contracts.
  • You can contact us direct
  • No doctor’s referral required
  • ACC endorsed provider
  • Fast service: we can often see you the day you contact us
  • Our clinic is wheelchair accessible
For information and application, please email or ring 03-5788802,

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